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Meet the Nuvona Founder

Watch this video to learn about what sets Nuvona Premium GMO Free foods apart from the other guys. Learn from the company founder Preston Sallenback what makes Nuvona Foods Premium.

Listen to his story and learn how his award winning emergency food company has help thousands of people become aware of the need to prepare with an ample amount of food storage and how.

GMO Free Home Meals

Why are we feeding ourselves and our children all of this chemical laden, genetically modified food?

Do people really not know the dangers of genetically modified food?

Nothing will give you more comfort and peace of mind then knowing that you and your family finally have a choice to stop eating Genetically Modified Food.

GMO Free Emergency Foods

Nothing soothes the soul like knowing that our loved ones are safe, secure and prepared. Wither it’s the next natural disaster or  full on economical collapse your future and your emergency food storage plan is a serious issue not to be ignored.

Let Nuvona share with you and your community the proper way to prepare… as chances are, FEMA probably won’t be available to come to your rescue!

GMO Free Outdoor Foods

Nuvona Premium GMO Free Food Storage is perfect for all your outdoor grubbin activities, wither it’s a family day on the lake, a picnic in the park or your next camp out Nuvona Foods has ya covered!

Nuvona Foods offers simple to prepare Soups, Pastas, Chili’s, Side Dishes, Fruits, Beverages and Snacks in 1 month to 3 year supplies… Delicious Healthy & Free of  Genetically Modified Food!



Nuvona Premium Food Storage is Outstanding!

“They are the most delicious, highly nutritious easy to prepare food storage foods I have ever tasted.  Their meals come in super durable re-sealable pouches and made with the highest quality GMO Free ingredients. Not only are they great for your family’s emergency food storage, but are also great for hikers, hunters and anyone else who enjoys the great outdoors and fine food!

I’m currently building up my own supply of Nuvona emergency food storage for my family and so should you! Don’t wait for the next disaster or emergency to come along before you act, do it now!

Our troubled times demand that everyone has enough emergency food storage on hand at all times so why settle for second best? Buy Nuvona Premium GMO Free Food!

Aton Edwards
Author, Activist, Emergency Preparedness Trainer, T.V. Host/Star – National Geographic’s  Dooms Day Preppers “Escape from New York”

New York, NY


No Other Food Storage Company Compares

“In my years as a Prepper and an analyst in the Liberty Movement, I’ve tried almost every long-term storage food item out there. Some weren’t so bad. Some were terrible. All in all, I used to think the best you could hope for was something relatively palatable that could keep your body running in a bad situation.

Nuvona Premium Food Storage has changed my mind completely. They have the best tasting long-term storage foods I’ve ever had, hands down! Not only that, but they are the healthiest I’ve found on the market.

Their prices are very competitive, the food is pure and wholesome, I could eat it all day; I can’t think of any downside to Nuvona Premium Food Storage.

This is exactly why I chose to partner with them as the exclusive survival food supplier of Alt-Market. No other food storage company compares.”

Brandon Smith
Author, Activist,, Oathkeeper






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