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Nuvona Foods are a premium, great tasting preparedness solution. Made from GMO-free, all natural ingredients, Nuvona was voted best tasting GMO-Free food storage. With an extended shelf life of up to 25 years, Nuvona premium foods are ideal for both everyday meal plans and long-term storage.

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“Nuvona Premium Food Storage is Outstanding! They are the most delicious, highly nutritious, easy to prepare food storage foods I have ever tasted… Don’t wait for the next disaster or emergency to come along before you act, do it now!”

Aton Edwards T.V. Host/Star – National Geographic’s  Dooms Day Preppers “Escape from New York” New York, NY


“No Other Food Storage Company Compares. I’ve tried almost every long-term storage food item out there… I used to think the best you could hope for was something relatively palatable that could keep your body running in a bad situation. Nuvona Premium Food Storage has changed my mind completely. They have the best tasting long-term storage foods I’ve ever had, hands down!”

Brandon Smith Author, Activist, Alt-Market.com, Oathkeeper Montana


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